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Apprentice Decent Wage Pledge

Inv Group is delighted to announce that we have signed up to the Apprentice Decent Wage Pledge. We have long maintained that apprentices should be paid not just the wage stipulated by the government, but they should be paid the equivalent to those around them doing similar jobs.

We welcome this initiative from “Back the Future’ and are pleased to join forces with other employers around the country who are willing to do the right thing and pay apprentices what they are worth. Now more than ever, with inflation running at the highest levels in recent memory, we need to invest in the future of our employees and their own development.

“We have been supporting apprentices for over ten years, many of whom have gone on to brilliant careers with us. We have not only paid in excess of the apprentice wage but we have also paid for apprentices’ travel to and from the workplace. This is a terrific initiative and we are thrilled to sign up to this pledge.”
Alison Galvin
Alison Galvin, MBE
Chief People Officer, Inv Group

About 'Back the Future'

Back the Future‘ is a collective of employers, intermediaries and apprenticeship training providers who believe we should be backing the UK’s future talent pipeline by not paying apprentice minimum wages, but by providing decent and fair pay for all apprentices employed in the UK. We are committed to addressing social mobility issues by ensuring individuals are not put off applying for apprenticeships because pay is too low.

The campaign was launched in 2021 by Robert Watts, chair of the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education’s research scientist trailblazer group. The Apprentice Decent Wage Pledge has been created to encourage employers to pay apprentices a fair salary over and above the national minimum wage for apprentices (currently £4.30 per hour).

“Employers of apprentices have a responsibility to be aware of the effects that their wage decisions have on the individuals undertaking their apprenticeships. Whilst it can be attractive to pay lower wages to apprentices as part of their development programs, these low wages can act as a barrier and make apprenticeships exclusive rather than inclusive programs, and cause individuals to not be able to undertake programs to help them reach their potential.”
Robert Watts
Founder of the 'Back the Future' campaign
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